History (LEO - League of Eastern Ontario)

The LEO was founded by Bernard Cain in the mid eighties after a lot of lobbying with the OMHA to get it up and running. Bernard along with the help of Don Grills and Jim & Dorothy Lytle were all instrumental in creating the formation of this League.
The small Local League originally comprised of Lakefield, Ennismore, Omemee, hence the name "LEO". Years later when the League grew to include multiple Centres in Eastern Ontario, the name was changed to the League of Eastern Ontario, while still allowing the short form of The LEO to be used. Today the League of Eastern Ontario, with the support of the OMHA, has largely grown to include 14 participating Centres.
Sadly Bernard passed away in OCT 2022, but the League continues to grow and keep his legacy alive, while proudly recognizing that without he, Don, Jim & Dorothy's ambitious vision, the League would not be what it is today.